The 8th IEEE RAS/EMBS International Conference on

Biomedical Robotics
& Biomechatronics



February 11, 2021
Dear Colleagues,
The finalized fees for BioRob2020 are as follows:

  • Attendance fee: USD 0
  • Publication fee: USD 130
  • Extra page fee: USD 55
  • CME certificate fee: USD 100

If you are eligible for a refund (based on your original payment and the revised fees), the credit has already been transferred to the credit card you used for registering.
You can check the refund amount and status by clicking on “View registration history” in the registration portal.
For any question, please email Damiano Zanotto.
Damiano Zanotto,
Finance Chair
Stevens Institute of Technology

Pre-conference Announcement

November 27, 2020
Dear registered attendees for BioRob2020,
We are excited to meet you at the upcoming BioRob 2020, the 8th IEEE RAS & EMBS International Conference on Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics. The purpose of this announcement is to update you with important information and logistics for the virtual event.
Please use a stable internet connection for the conference (preferably at your University/Institution if possible) to facilitate sharing video/sounds/screens.
Virtual Program:
The virtual program is now accessible to all registered users. To access the virtual program, you will need to use the password provided after submitting the Virtual Event Registration Form (copy the password to both the Username and Password fields). The program has all details on sessions, chairs, authors, videos, and is searchable by authors or paper. It also includes links to the Zoom webinars and Spatial Chat. An overview of the program with Zoom and Spatial Chat links is also available on the program page.
Zoom Webinars and Etiquette:
All Zoom webinars can be accessed using the password provided after submitting the Virtual Event Registration Form. In the webinars, please use the “raise hand” function or the chat to ask questions. The hosts can then give you permission to speak/share. If you are presenting, please use these functions to make yourself known to the hosts. The capacity for the zoom webinars is 1000 attendees. If the capacity is exceeded, we will livestream to Youtube. A link will be posted in the #announcements channel on our Slack workspace.
Spatial Chat:
All poster sessions will be held in Spatial Chat. Some of the Sunday workshops also have part of their workshops in Spatial Chat. When clicking on the Spatial Chat link, you will be directed to a welcome room where there will be instructions on how to use the platform, and volunteers to assist if you have any questions. In the sidebar on the left, you will see different rooms corresponding to the poster sessions and workshop sessions. Note there is a 50 person limit in each Spatial Chat room so if the room is full, please explore some of the other rooms and revisit later in the session. As a reminder, each poster is presented twice (at the same time on Monday and Tuesday) to help accommodate room space restrictions.
All registered attendees should have received an email invitation to register for the conference Slack workspace. The Slack workspace is intended to provide ‘chat’-like functionality to foster discussion of contributions and other information. Please use the appropriate slack channels for announcements (#announcements), to ask for help (#conference-help), to look for job openings, future conferences, workshops etc. (#bulletin-board) and for discussion on the oral presentations, poster sessions and workshops (individual channels for each). If you have not received the invitation email to join Slack, please use this link to create an account.
Award nominees for Best Paper and Best Student Paper Awards have been notified. We have an esteemed panel of judges who will attend the sessions where the nominees are presenting. We ask nominees to attend the final closing session, where the award winners will be announced. We would like you, the attendees, to also vote for your favorite presentation video. This will be a separate award from the Best Paper and Best Student Paper. All winners will be announced in the final session.
We look forward to seeing you soon,
The BioRob 2020 Organizing Committee