The 8th IEEE RAS/EMBS International Conference on

Biomedical Robotics
& Biomechatronics

Instructions for Poster Presentations

We are looking forward to exciting and informational poster presentations.  Below are the instructions for uploading your poster. Please provide the link to download your poster by November 22nd.Poster Upload Instructions: Please use the following guidelines to create your poster:

  • Image size: 81 cm x 76 cm (32” x 30”)
  • File type: .PNG
  • File size: <2 MB (too many larger files can cause rendering issues in Spatial Chat)
  • High res conference logos: Image files are .SVG format, but can be easily converted to other image file types (.JPEG, .PNG) using an online image converter, if desired.

When you are ready to upload your poster, please provide the link to download your poster file using the spreadsheet link below. Each submission has a specific row where the link can be provided.  To find your row, you may search for author names, submission title, etc.  Once you have provided the link to download your poster file, nothing else is required. Posters will be uploaded to Spatial Chat by the conference organizers—this enables the posters to remain posted in their respective rooms for the entire conference. Links to download your poster can be provided in this spreadsheet.

Using the Spatial Chat interface, you will be able to add YouTube videos to accompany your poster, if desired. Any videos added by attendees will remain up while you remain in the virtual room.  When you leave the room, videos posted will be removed automatically. If you wish to have videos accompany your poster presentation, you will need to re-add the videos at the start of each session. Please use this spreadsheet to provide the link to download your poster file.

Access to poster rooms via the Spatial Chat Lobby. Note that only 50 people are allowed in each room at a given time.  There are eight parallel poster session rooms which will distribute attendees across the sessions, and the sessions are repeated on the first and second day of the conference.  We anticipate the duplicate sessions will also help if there are any issues entering poster presentation rooms in Spatial Chat.

Presentation schedule: To determine your time / room location for presentation, please use the author index tool in Paperplaza.

As a reminder, in addition to the poster presentation, we have requested corresponding authors to upload a pre-recorded video and release form to PaperPlaza by November 8th 2020 at 11:50pm PST. Please visit the BioRob 2020 instructions for pre-recorded video webpage for more details.

Elliott J. Rouse,
Scientific Chair
University of Michigan